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Portrait Mirrors Reflect Classic Fashion

Tux and Zoot - a Pair of Portrait Mirrors Win 2000 Design Portfolio Award for Specialty Products

Two portrait mirrors, Tux and Zoot created by award winning Furniture Design Artist I.A.Keer receive top honors in the 2000 Design Portfolio Awards Competition sponsored by CWB (Custom Woodworking Business) magazine. Four judges selected six winners from hundreds of nationally submitted slides and photos. Awards were presented in the categories of residential & commercial furniture, kitchen/bath cabinets, architectural millwork, laminate casework and specialty products. The CWB judges had this to say:

  • (The Winners) work serves as a standard of excellence and an example of the impressive talent that exists in the custom woodworking industry.
  • What fun! (Tux and Zoot are) a masterful combination of form, texture and color. A delight to behold.
  • (Tux and Zoot are) a beautiful combination of art, design and craftsmanship.
  • CWB Article: 2000 AwardsCWB Article: 2000 Awards(1)

    (CWB Article: 2000 Design Portfolio Awards)

    Tux (for tuxedo) and Zoot (for zoot suit) are both cut from the same elegant thread. Tux is tailored formal, reflecting the hallmark of timeless tradition. Zoot is retro and really hip, breaking the mold of formal fashion! Suitable for residential, commercial and corporate use these designer mirrors are destined to become personal favorites. Made to order mirrors are available direct from the Artist in editions limited to 50 units each. Handcrafted with exacting detail to the highest standards, these artful furnishings use only the finest yet ecologically sustainable materials. The mirrors are Artist signed, numbered, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. These spirited works join a growing collection of fine art furniture.


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