DATELINE: May 2005

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MN Artists Donate Gallery Donation Box
to Somerset Art Association

A talented team of Minnesota based Artists and Craftsmen led by I.A.Keer (Furniture Designer) and Bob Kinghorn (Master Craftsmen) are designing and building a unique Gallery Donation Box for the Somerset Art Association, in Bedminster New Jersey.

Design Copyright: I.A.Keer - Art of Furniture

Founded in 1970, the Somerset Art Association ( in Bedminster NJ, welcomes artists of all ages to explore the visual arts through educational and interactive programming designed to encourage and promote arts awareness. Housed in a turn-of-the-century elementary school building, SAA sponsors year-round art classes for children, teens and adults while offering a creative atmosphere where students, members and the public gather, exchange ideas, discuss current work and share support. Planned specialty workshops, lectures, trips to out-of-town museums and cultural events, art demonstrations and changing gallery exhibits provide a full art experience.

Despite the rich and plentiful cultural offerings of the Somerset Art Association, the gallery is affected by the limitations of today's economy. As patrons of the arts, the Minnesota team understands the current financial challenges facing both artists and art organizations across the country. Keer states, " as artists, we too face the lean economic times. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to participate in such a creative opportunity in support of an arts and educational organization such as SAA. A project this unique is too exciting to pass up."

In the spirit of kicking off the donation drive, Keer and Kinghorn have assembled an impressive team of select artisans and crafters, materials manufacturers and distributors who have generously donated their valued time, expertise, products and materials to this exciting venture.


The concept of this design is about vessel and journey. The vessel represents the art institution and the journey is the symbolic creation of art made possible through the free-spirited contribution of the artist. Both the vessel and the journey are supported by generous financial support of the community.

The free form sail is a metaphor for the artists and their creative process; the houseboat represents the institutions which house the art; and the base box - - with images of paper and coin currency, is symbolic of public donations.

Overall: 25 W x 25 W x 96 H, inches Base Box: 20.5 L x 20.5 W x 36 H, inches
Vessel: 19 L x 16 W x 18 H, inches Sail: 48 L x 21 W x 36 H, inches


I.A.Keer - - Art of Furniture (conceptual design, development, detailing & coordination)
Minneapolis, MN

Robert Kinghorn (specialty fabrication & coordination)
Wayzata, MN

Jeff Trish - - A212 Digital Creations (computer modeling)
Minneapolis, MN

Hung Russell - - Man-on-the-Moon Productions
(project announcements & web updates)
Minneapolis, MN

Ron Beltz - - JIT Waterjet Services (water jet cutting)
Green Isles, MN

Keven Dziewcznski (metal assembly & welding)
Minneapolis, MN

Jon Halverson - -Serigraphics Sign Systems (silk screening)
Minneapolis, MN

Nancy O'Brien (conceptual design)
St. Paul, MN


Parkwood Chicago (Valcromat fiber board)
Chicago, IL

Novation Architectural Products (3-Form, Eco Resin Panels)
Minneapolis, MN

3-Form (3-Form, Eco Resin Panels)
Salt Lake City, UT


Elaine Garjarsky - - Somerset Art Association
Bedminster, NJ